About ShareCard

About ShareCard

As a local real estate-related professional, you work hard to get your name out there to buys, sellers, and owners of real property. Though we all hope to build a referral-based business, the reality is that you have to connect with enough people who can and will refer you. In order to do that, you need the people you meet to remember you whether or not they do business with you.

ShareCard was built around the fact that nearly everyone you know and meet owns a smartphone, and those smartphones travel everywhere with them. Smartphones give people instant access to a vast array of information and communication tools from the homescreen using quick-launch icons. Considering that the average adult looks at their smartphone homescreens at least 80 times per day, it the ultimate marketing position for you to have.

Imagine your ShareCard digital business card being pinned to hundreds of smartphone homescreens in your area. Imagine giving people the ability to engage you about real estate-related business more quickly and more efficiently from anywhere without having to carry around your paper business card. Imagine having a real estate-specific digital business card that was also capable receiving referrals, generating sales leads, and helping you to expand your sphere of influence 24/7/365. Paper can't do that.

Now, imagine having a digital business card that can be shared by anyone you share it with, and by anyone they share it with. Advertising in magazines, on billboards, on television and radio, or even just printing flyers can be very expensive. "Sharing" is free to do, and everyone already does it with other apps and services they like. Why not allow people you know and meet to share YOUR BUSINESS using ShareCard and their smartphones?

ShareCard Discussion Communities

ShareCard is more than just a digital business card service. It also provides real estate-related professionals with a localized online community to discuss topics and strategies that are relevant to your local areas. See our list of available discussion communities HERE.

Click here now if you are interested in becoming Community Presenter.

ShareCard Technology

ShareCard built upon HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, JQuery, and other traditional web-based languages. It was designed from the very beginning to be browser-based so that it works regardless of the device or operating system. There is nothing to download or install, so it never consumes memory on your mobile device like traditional mobile apps do.

Who We Are

ShareCard was founded by Robert Humphries (of Robert Humphries Studios), a twenty-year veteran of the digital marketing and advertising industry. Robert has also been instrumental in co-developing web-based virtual tour software services, real estate discussion communities, industry-specific online marketing platforms, entertainment-based social platforms, and "movement tracking" technologies for cruise ships and conventions.