Community Presenter FAQ

"What is a ShareCard Local Real Estate-Related Discussion Community?"

ShareCard Local Real Estate-Related Discussion Communities are online business discussion communities designed around localized business discussion between local professionals who server home owners, home buyers, and home sellers.

Realty agents, contractors, vendors, stagers, appraisers, plumbers, electricians, and others are all invited to participate in online discussions with their localized peers.

"Are ads for my competitors shown in the local discussion community I present?"

NO. We never present ads for your local competitors. However, the local community allows anyone to post comments (but not their "advertising"). You, and you alone, present your local real estate-related discussion community.

"What happens to my community should I choose to no longer be a community presenter?"

Your community stays online with all comments intact, but we replace your "presenter ad" with another presenter's ad and contact information. Your local business recommendations will also be removed so the next presenter can post their own local business recommendations.

"How do people discover the community and participate?"

ShareCard discussion communities can be found through online searches (when they are indexed by search engines). However, the fastest way to get people to post comments in your discussion community is by inviting them. You can do this by sending out an email blast or using the PDF materials we provide for you.

"Can I moderate comments in my community?"

NO. Remember that you are "presenting" the community. You don't own it. That said, we monitor comments that people post to assure that they follow our rules. We have very strict commenting rule that does not allow anyone to post advertising or disparaging comments.

"Will I receive the contact information for people who participate in my community?"

You will not receive registrant contact information of people who post comments because you do not own the community. If you would like someone how has posted a comment to contact you, then you will need to post a reply comment to tell them to contact you.

"Can I add discussion threads in the community I present that are relevant to me and my company?"

For the most part, YES. However, we will need to know what the discussion threads are before we approve them, add them, and post them for others to use. Whatever discussion threads you want to insert must be relevant to the overall purpose of our real estate-related discussion communities.

"I would like to retire soon and have another person or company take over my community per my request. Can I sell my community to them?"

That is between you and the other party. As long as you make us aware that a specific party will be taking over your discussion community, then it's fine with us.

"Who can receive a FREE Version of ShareCard if I offer it as a discussion community presenter?"

Keep in mind that ShareCard was designed for companies that serve home owners, home buyers, insurers, and home sellers. That includes real estate agents, appraisers, interior designers, stagers, inspectors, and various types of contractors/vendors.

Share the FREE version of ShareCard with anyone you want as long as they can serve real estate-related businesses.

"Can another company in my area offer the FREE Version of ShareCard to their marketplace?"

NO. Only Community Presenters can offer the FREE Version. Anyone registering for the FREE Version must user your PRESENTER ID in order to register.

Share the FREE version of ShareCard with anyone you want as long as they can serve real estate-related businesses.

"Is the FREE Version of ShareCard the same as the ELITE Version of ShareCard?"

NO. The FREE Version of ShareCard includes your ad and limits the number of features that FREE Version users have access to.

However, they can upgrade at any time to the ELITE version at which time they will have access to more features and tools. Also, your ad will be removed from their account and be replaced with "tips". Those tips, however, will be "sponsored" by your company.

Compare the differences between the FREE and ELITE versions.

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