Frequently-Asked Questions

"Should I stop using paper business cards when I start using ShareCard?"

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Paper business cards still work (regardless of what other digital business card providers try to convince you of). This is like asking, "Should I stop using paper grocery lists because I have the Evernote app on my phone?" Even our team at ShareCard still uses paper grocery lists just like we are still happy to accept paper business cards. Have you stopped reading books and magazines printed on paper in favor of reading them on a Kindle? Of course not.

Digital business cards shouldn't be competing with paper business cards today. Rather, they should compliment each other. We are still in an age where different people have different preferences because they have a CHOICE -- and having a choice is still important!

Keep using paper business cards for now. Until we are all driving around in flying cards, paper is still king. ShareCard was designed to help you get "pinned" to smartphone homescreens, but we aren't getting into a "pissing contest" with paper just yet. Paper still works, so use it.

"Why can't people just pin my own website to their homescreens or just follow me on my social media accounts?"

They can. In fact, we hope you get them to do that. This questions is a lot like asking, "Why can't I just advertise in magazines and not have to use television and radio?" Fact is, you need to provide people with multiple ways of reaching you, finding you, and interacting with you. Not everyone reads the magazines you would potentially advertise in which is why you would need to reach people through other media.

ShareCard isn't intended to "replace" other forms of connectivity with your marketplace. It is designed to enhance the ability for people to reach you through all of your websites and social media channels because it combines them into one platform through links. More importantly, ShareCard is formatted to expedite doing business with you, communicating with you, sharing you, and interacting with you with less complexity and more simplicity.

"Does ShareCard remember the phone numbers and email addresses that I send to?"

No. ShareCard is not a contact manager. When you use the sharing buttons (located at the bottom of every page in your ShareCard), it opens the native application on your phone to send a link whether its the applications you use for texting, emailing, or social media.

For example, if you use the email sharing button, then ShareCard will open your native email application and allow you to enter an email address to send to. Though ShareCard will not remember the email address, your email application (and service) will show a record of the "Send To" email address so you will have it on record.

The reason we chose this method is so that we can provide assurance to our users that ShareCard is NOT collecting email addresses.

"If people share my ShareCard with a friend or business contact, will I receive a copy of the shared email addresses, phone numbers, social media links?"

No. This is an ethical violation of basic privacy rights. If people want to share your ShareCard with friends and family, then that is between them. You should not (or ever) receive other people's contact information without their permission (especially in the background without their knowledge).

"How long does it take to set up my account after I pay for it?"

This is going to depend greatly on how many accounts we have to set up. It can be as short as two hours or up to one week. Keep in mind that we do a lot of graphical and textual customizing which takes time.

"Do you offer a FREE TRIAL ShareCard account?"

No. The reason for this is rather obvious. If you had a "free trial", and then you used ShareCard as intended (by sharing it), would you really stop using it if a dozen people pinned your "free" ShareCard account to their smartphone homescreens? ShareCard works if you work it. If you share it, then people will use it.

"Do I have to, or can I, edit anything within my ShareCard account?"

You have the ability to edit your basic information through an Editing Environment. Otherwise, we manage everything else for you. Should you ever need us to edit something for you, just let us know. It's part of our service and the fee you pay.

"How I do get people to pin my ShareCard on their smartphone and tablet homescreens?"

Simply ask them to. Pinning your ShareCard to their smartphone and tablet homescreen is a "good idea". It's not a hard idea to sell. Also, we provide a printable ShareCard flyer for your business as an option if you want to print and distribute them in your local area. Because ShareCard flyers are PDF files, you can also email them to your business allies.

"Can my ShareCard be used in place of having a primary business website?"

Yes, but we don't recommend it. Get a website.

"Can I add or delete channels and pages in my ShareCard?"

You cannot do this on your own, but we can do it for you upon request for a small fee.

"What happens to my ShareCard if I close my business and pursue some other venture?"

If you are retiring, then we simply redirect your ShareCard links to another business that you deem worthy of receiving your business inquiries.

However, if you are just changing careers, then we can help you rebuild your ShareCard around the needs of your business.