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By registering to become a ShareCard Community Presenter, you are required to pay $360 now for account set-up, customization, and COMMUNITY PRESENTER EXCLUSIVITY plus $25 per month for ongoing product support, maintenance, and licensing. This includes receiving your own elite version of ShareCard and the right to share the free version of ShareCard with ad inclusions for your company. You will not be billed the monthly recurring fee of $25 until after the first month of usage. If you do not cancel your subscription before the renewal date, then your account will be automatically debited using your the payment method you've chosen upon the renewal anniversary date. By continuing to register, you confirm that you understand and agree with these terms.

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Do you want your ShareCard Account ID to related to your company's name or your person name?
The reason we ask this is that your ShareCard is portable, meaning, you can take it with you even if you leave your company or change careers. We always suggest that your ShareCard should be under YOUR name and not any company so that you can use it no matter what your career situation or status are.

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What kind of "tips" do you want to push through your ShareCard for your audience?
Say something like: Real Estate Tips, Home Tips, Decorating Tips, etc. We will generate the appropriate "tips" feed for you. Please note that all tips are sponsored by a local, regional, or national business.

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