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ShareCard Features

Network Wider and Faster

ShareCard allows you to share who you are and what you do faster. Because ShareCard is shareable, it can take your business viral so that you reach a wider audience of prospects.

Collect More Data

Integrated data collection forms help you to receive more leads from more sources 24/7/365. Forms can even be customized to your particular needs.

Content Accessibility

Give people access to the business content that you want them to see whether its embedding YouTube videos or making printable materials readily accessible.


Your ShareCard can be tightly-branded to your organization's identity or personalized to your desired theme colors, graphics, and fonts. It's up to you.

Shareable and Viral

Unlike paper media, your ShareCard digital business card can be shared through email, texting, and social media. In turn, others can it with their friends and family, too.

Designed for the Smartphone Homescreen

Roughly 97% of the people you do business with owns a smartphone and/or tablet. ShareCard was designed to be pinned to their homescreens so that you are always available and referrable.