Becoming A Discussion Community Presenter

What is a Discussion Community Presenter?

A Discussion Community Presenter is a company, organization, or individual that receives the right to "present" their own localized real estate-related online discussion community. The Presenter is offered exclusive advertising through a prominent panel ad with contact links and the ability to add/edit "Recommended Local Businesses".

Because each Discussion Community is highly real estate-centric, the Presenter should have an immediate interest in connecting with local real estate pros, vendors, and contractors who serve the real estate-related marketplace.

Discussion Community Format

All ShareCard Discussion Communities allow visitors to discuss real estate-related topics. This includes real estate-related services, marketing strategies, tools, and service providers that are used by real estate-related professionals.

Discussion Communities are open to anyone who serves the home owner, home buyer, and home seller marketplace on a localized basis (usually by major metro areas or regions). This includes real estate sales agents, lenders, appraisers, stagers, inspectors, builders, and more.

To post comments, individuals have the option to create an account with DISQUS or log in using their Facebook, Google+, or Twitter accounts.

How YOU Benefit As A Community Presenter

Prominent Brand Exposure - As the Presenter, you have the sole and exclusive "ad" which presents you as the leader of your local Real Estate Discussion Community.

Lead Generation - As people post comments, you have the ability to reply to them, answer their questions, participate in discussions with them, and market yourself as a local industry leader, professional, and subject matter expert.

Recurring Brand Impressions - Every time people show up to post comments, read comments, or reply to comments, they see YOU. And it doesn't how big your Community gets, you never pay more for the additional visitors or brand impressions to those visitors.

Builds Local Credibility - Because all Discussion Communities are localized to your selected area (city or region), branding of your Community builds "trust and familiarity" with other local businesses. That, in turn, can be leveraged to generate more leads and sales for your own business.

Customized Presentation Video - As a Discussion Community Presenter, we will customize a preformatted video for you to share with people in your contact list who work in real estate-related industries so that they can get a FREE Version of ShareCard.

Discussion Community Presenter Responsibilities

As a Discussion Community Presenter, you can invite as many real estate-related professionals to join as you want. There is really nothing for you to "manage" other than making sure that you respond to people contact you or those who reply to your comments. Simply be helpful, friendly, and respectful to the people and professionals who visit your Community.

Community Presenter Pricing and Cost

The fee to become a Real Estate Business Discussion Community Presenter is $360 for set-up and area exclusivity (plus video customization as mentioned above). Then, you pay just $25 per month for licensing and technical support.

This fee also includes your own ShareCard ELITE account!

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