ShareCard ELITE Features

ShareCard is one of most powerful communications tools because it was designed to be pinned to smartphone and tablet homescreens so that your business information is always just "one tap" away. Unlike traditional paper business cards and brochures, your ShareCard is "shareable" while providing an extensive array of business development features at a very low cost.

Complete ELITE Features List

Feature Description
Account Development Services The ShareCard team completely builds your ShareCard account for you.
"Share" Buttons Allows people to share your ShareCard via text messaging, email, and popular social media networks.
Referral Form Allows people to send referrals to you.
File Submission Form Allows people to upload and send photos and documents to you.
Satisfaction Survey Form Allows people to privately rate the quality of your service.
Profile Image Editor Allows you to change your homepage profile image, photo, or video.
Profile Info Editor Allows you to insert and edit your business description information.
Qualifications Info Editor Allows you to insert and edit your qualifications on the homepage.
Contact Info Editor Allows you to edit elements related to your primary contact information.
Daily Message Editor Allows you to insert and edit the "Daily Message" below your profile image on the homepage.
Incentive Message Editor Allows you to insert and edit any incentive information you are offering.
Video Embed Editor Allows you to add YouTube videos.
"Pin to Homescreen" Registrant Info Capture Allows people who choose to pin your ShareCard to voluntarily register their contact info for your records.
Sponsored "Tips" You choose the tips you want to share with your audience (such as real estate, home maintenance, design, etc.) which are sponsored by local, regional, or national companies.
Order Form Customization Custom modification of your order form, or the insertion of your third-party ordering system / service (iframe).
Documents Viewer Displays your documents inside of Google Documents Viewer.
Custom Theme Design Custom modification of theme colors, text, and more.
Custom Homescreen, Favicon, and Facebook icons Custom design of pinnable and shareable icons.
Custom Profile Image Design Custom design of your homepage profile image, photo, or video.
Discussion Channels Allows you to post discussion comments that can be replied to and subscribed to by others.
QR Code Creation and insertion of a QR Code that links to your ShareCard account.
Personalized ShareCard Marketing Flyer Personalized ShareCard marketing flyer to print and distribute.

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