How To Use Your ShareCard

Now that you have a ShareCard Digital Business Card, we want to help you use it to its maximum potential. Simply follow the instructions below.

What ShareCard Is and Does

Digital Business Card

ShareCard is a "digital business card" which is designed to help you say more, do more, and connect with people more effectively than traditional paper business cards.

ShareCard is not a "mobile app", so there is nothing for anyone to download or install to their smartphones or tablets. Your ShareCard has a unique URL (website address) that allows people to access it from any device and any browser regardless of the operating system or device manufacturer.

As a "digital business card", your personal ShareCard does everything that a paper business card does, and much more. Digital business cards are a hybrid product between websites, mobile apps, and paper business cards. Online connectivity, and instant editability of multiple content channels, gives your ShareCard a major advantage over paper.

ShareCard's format is also much easier to maintain than full-blown websites, so managing your ShareCard is much easier than managing a typical website.

ShareCard was built specifically for real estate-related industries (real estate agents, stagers, inspectors, appraisers, adjusters, insurance agents, builders, etc.) because of the absolute and undeniable need for these types of companies to stay connected with their clients.

Set It Up

Editing Environment

Once you've received your ShareCard account login, you can access your Editing Environment to make certain changes and edits. The number of features that you can edit are based the type of account you have.

The Editing Environment login link for your account is located at the bottom each page (channel) of your ShareCard pages. Simply login from any device and start editing.

Share It

Get everyone you know and meet to pin your ShareCard quick-launch icon to their smartphone homescreens.

Think about the fact that 77% of all U.S.-based adults own smartphones (92% between the ages of 18 to 29).

Their smartphones go with them everywhere, unlike paper business cards.

Our goal is to help you get your ShareCard Digital Business Card pinned (as a launchable web-app) to their smartphone homescreens so that you go everywhere with them.

This allows them to communicate with you with just "one tap", and it allows them to instantly share your ShareCard with people they know and meet quickly and easily.

Methods of sharing your ShareCard


Your ShareCard can found using a URL (website address) that is shareable. You can simply send the URL to your contact list with a request that everyone on your list "pin" your ShareCard to their smartphone homescreens. Use whatever email application you typically use to do this.

If you only need to share your ShareCard with one person, then use the "share tools" located at the bottom of each page (channel) of your ShareCard account.

Texting (SMS)

If you are texting your ShareCard to anyone whose mobile phone number is already logged into your phone, then simply copy and paste your ShareCard URL (website address) and paste it into your message to that person.

You may also use the texting "share tool" located at the bottom of each page (channel) of your ShareCard account if you know the mobile phone number of your recipient.

Social Media

If you already have a network of "friends and followers" on social media, you already know that people who appreciate your business will share any post you have with their own friends and followers. That's how social media works.

However connective social media is, though, not everyone is connected with, friends with, or following each other's connections by default. By sharing your ShareCard on social media, you have the ability to have your ShareCard Digital Business Card shared and pinned through viral sharing.

This means your can share your ShareCard with your friend/follower, Joe. Joe can then share your ShareCard with dozens of other people who aren't "following" or "friended" with you. Joe does all of the word to get your name out there.

The difference between simply having your posts or profile shared is that ShareCard (YOU...specifically) can be pinned to the smartphone homescreens of people you don't know and have never met who can, in turn, share your ShareCard. This is the epitome of "viral marketing".