Embed My ShareCard

Copy the embed code below and add it to the HTML of your website wherever you would like my ShareCard to appear in your website.

NOTE: By copying and pasting the script below "as is" into your website, it will display my ShareCard within the column with of your page section while also displaying the entire length of the ShareCard page. If this produces an undesirable effect on you page, then simply remove the three lines that start with <script> from the code and then add HTML width and max-width elements to the <script> line. For example:

<iframe src="https://xyz.com" id="zyniframe" style="width: 100%; max-width: 430px; border: 1px lightgray;" scrolling="no"></iframe>

width: 100% - will fit in 100% of the parent website's column width where the embed code is pasted or entered, unless...

max-width: 430px - defines the maximum width of your ShareCard regardless of the column width of the parent website. For example, if a webpage column displays at 800px (pixels), and you only want my ShareCard to occupy less than half of that width, then you would use 430px to assure that it does not expand to the full 800px page width.

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