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Seller Inspection

This type of inspection is known as a pre-listing or seller inspection. The advantage it provides you is that you will learn about the damage and defects in your home before the buyer’s inspector does. This allows you to decide what to fix or leave “as is”. Ultimately, you maintain more leverage to negotiate your final selling price because you are more aware of what yo are actually selling. Your knowledge is your advantage so that you don’t have “11th-Hour” surprises.

Buyer Inspection

This type of inspection is known as a buyer inspection. Most real estate professionals recommend a buyer inspection for both resale homes and new construction. The need for an inspection on resale homes goes without saying especially when you consider the cosmetic repairs that seller do just to sell the house. New construction can also suffer from improper system and structural installation.

Warranty Inspection

This type of inspection is known as a home warranty inspection. This type of inspection is designed to inspect only the systems and structure of your home that are covered under your home warranty plan (if you purchased one). By utilizing this type of inspection, we can help you to identify any home system or structural issues that may be in need of replacement or repair before your home warranty expires.

Home Health Inspection

This type of inspection is called a home health check-up. Just like you would have your automobile, appliances, teeth, or health checked on a periodic basis, a home health check-up should be a routine of your home-ownership experience. This inspection is intended solely to help you protect the fiscal value of your home and the overall physical safety of your family. You should schedule this type of inspection at least once per year.

General Inspection

This type of inspection is called a general inspection and is purely consultative. It is extremely useful in helping to provide you with information about the current condition of your home so that you can make informed decisions. This type of inspection is used for a variety of other purposes such as inspecting specific areas of your home prior to a renovation or to assure that a home is safe for children and the elderly. It can also be used to provide lenders with information.


What are some of your additional concerns about the property?

Please list some of your concerns that you would like to us to investigate while we on-site performing the inspection. For example: Mold, Radon, Tap-Water, Well-Water, Energy Efficiency, Pest Intrusion, Termites, Septic System, etc.

Most of your concerns are likely to be covered in our inspection process already. However, some items may require an additional fee due to time and equipment considerations. We will make you aware of any additional inspection-related fees upon upon confirming your inspection appointment.

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If you are scheduling a Buyer Inspection (and you are the buyer), would you like to go ahead and tentatively schedule an 11-Month Warranty Inspection or 1-Year Home Health Check-Up? You will not owe anything today, but we will call in the future to remind you and confirm the inspection.*


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